We're building the world's largest Black American History Timeline
And growing.

Over 2,000 timeline events about every aspect of Black American history, from food & music to wars & rebellions. There is a lot to discover and understand.

Verified by experts.

Built by scholars, historians, researchers, and enthusiasts, every entry on the timeline has been approved by a community of experts to ensure all information is true and valid.

Built for understanding.

–Ünformation can often be misinterpreted when presented through a narrow lens. Each event on the timeline is intended to present a holistic view to help bring clarity and understanding to Black American history.

Tools to help you discover and learn.

Black American history is very large and very complex. Over time, we will release more advanced tools to help you easily navigate, discover, and learn from such a vast and complicated subject.

Understand the present, by way of the past.
With help from subject matter experts nationwide, we are building the world's largest Black American History Timeline, made searchable and understandable, along with the tools to help learners easily comprehend the story of Black Americans.

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